What Keeps You From Feeling Your Age?

Thank you Linda for this post! My partner and I have nine dogs and you know playing with them all the time releases me from feeling my age. I recently turned 48 and due to poor decisions and the disease of alcoholism and addiction, sometimes I feel much older. So the fact that all of my dogs can release me from having to be that age it is a BEAUTIFUL and FUN thing!!!

Linda G. Hill

I stood at the kitchen counter yesterday, stirring Christopher’s medicine into his orange juice and I remembered learning to stir for the first time; I might have been three or four years old. It came back to me in a flash. My senses all conspired to bring me there: the sound of the spoon clinking around the inside the glass, the feel of the circular motion and the sight of my fingers manipulating the spoon in a way I no longer need to concentrate on.

Sometimes it’s the smell of freshly mowed grass, just as I recall it wafting in my bedroom window when my dad went out to mow the lawn before an early game of golf on a Sunday morning that takes me back. Or the taste of a shortbread cookie, dipped in a cup of tea.

Though many of my memories take me back to my childhood…

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