Autumn Leaves – The Politics at Hand

Great writing Sadie – I will add to it: You know I have been called a bleeding heart liberal democrat in the past, recently my brother-in-law stated that while I am a democrat I am really an old school republican. I agree with him because I have a lot of beliefs on the issues that are for the people, but also reflect my thinking that to much helping the people does the people more harm than good. Due to poor decisions in my life and being stripped of my right to vote at a very early age. That right was restored in 2008 just in time for me to vote in the election. I will proudly say that I voted for Barrack Obama then and again in 2012. Am I totally in love with his work during his time in office – not everything. The concern that I have always had since he was elected and even before he was sworn in the republicans and the new tea partyers were saying (I am paraphrasing) “you will not succeed in your presidency and we will make sure that you do not succeed.” You see we still live in a horribly jaded, bigoted, and non-tolerant country. The Constitution of The United States says that “All men are created equal”. There have been many changes to the constitution to make that statement true for women, people of color, etc. But we have also continued to show through our actions that there is no true EQUALITY in the United States. Do not even get me started on what individual states have done, because we could be here for days. We have term limits on the presidency, President Harry S. Truman, born in Lamar, Missouri where I was born, worked with congress and the senate to make it law. Why in the HELL do we NOT have term limits for our congressmen/women and our senators? As a country we are the true definition of insanity “continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting different results!” As long as the voters in this country that do turn out to vote continue to send the SAME INDIVIDUALS back OVER and OVER we will continue to get the same results out of Washington, D.C. – please note that this sentiment also stands for our individual states and how we send the same people over and over to the state senates and representatives. One of the biggest races to watch in the country during the mid-term elections is the gubernatorial race in my great State of Texas. Neither candidate for governor has completely blown me away, so I have to continue to work on my research and listen to both them in order to make a very informed decision. I do love the fall weather that will be arriving soon – but I do dread the election cycle, and yet we are already full steam ahead regarding the presidential election cycle of 2016 – who will run and who will win. Will we even be here for a 2016 election? Who Knows! These are the musings of my mind!

Just something I was thinking about . . .


Sept 21 WordPress Daily Prompt: Autumn Leaves

Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?

I have mentioned that politics do not dominate my landscape per say. But I have to admit, when I read this prompt, I couldn’t help but think of politics and how the mid-term elections are coming up. I have also heard that mid-term elections typically have poor turnouts, which I understand, as I myself have skipped a few over the years.

I have to tell you, I am now making it my business to know who is running and who I am voting for. We have got to start instilling some change in this country, in the way problems/issues/legislative actions are approached and then dispositioned, in the way those who WE elect into office represent us once they are elected, and in…

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