I thought I’d seen it all!! Not!!!

I am pretty clear about who I am, the things I have gone through in life, my political views are pretty clear.  I am a God fearing homosexual male who has suffered over the years with alcoholism, cocaine addiction, recently clinically diagnosed with bipolar depression and I am now in my late 40’s where I am not strictly Democrat, Liberal, Conservative or Republican. But when I read crap like what I am about tell you it really RATTLES MY CAGE!!!

This is a story that I happened to see today on www.lgbtqnation.com:

California attorney files for ballot initiative to have all gays executed. I thought this was a gossip story until I read the actual proposal for the initiative “Sodomite Suppression Act.”

I will be kind and not spew forth the horrible language that wants to show up in this post. I think people like this attorney, for as much as they hate the LGBTQ community, there might just be some latent homosexuality in them. This is just too much hatred. The other day one of my sponsors stated something very clear “if you spot it and don’t like it and it bother’s you that much, then you got it!” This attorney fits that bill.

But this story has a happy ending because it seems that the California Attorney General Kamala Harris is a pretty smart lady based on the story below: “California AG moves to block ‘shoot the gays’ ballot initiative from going forward” It is always nice to see when a smart person steps in and says “Not today Satan, Not today!!!!”

Until next time that is What’s Rattling My Cage!!!!


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