SoCS | Today is Saturday Right? NOT!!

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s SoCS. My disclaimer, every week I aim to participate in SoCS when I get the prompt on Friday. Then Saturday rolls around and have I participated? Not! So I am submitting on Sunday and hope that readers do not get twisted in a knot for me not following the rules.

This whole week has been one emotional knot after another. The first knot is a knot of joy because of the news that my youngest niece was at the hospital on Sunday awaiting the arrival of her first child and my fourth great niece. Baby Sophia arrived at 7:45am on Monday March 23 and is one of the most precious gifts that I have been given.

Two hours earlier on March 23 my partner Cruz’s work place called and I did not find out why they called until he got up a few hours later.  So the second knot was a knot of extreme shock and sadness. One of his work spouses that had worked with him and one other person on the same shift in the Chemistry Department at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio for 38 years had passed away suddenly. I knew this woman and loved her personality, sense of humour and her love of life.

Our friend’s father who was 84 and had been in failing health for a while delivered another knot of grief, shock, and sadness when he passed away on Tuesday. While this was another difficult knot – we were able to find a rainbow at the end because as I told our friend’s sister and her brother their dad was just waiting to make sure his baby got home okay before he went to go meet her there.

So I have never been to a double funeral mass, but there really was nothing different other than the fact that there were two caskets as opposed to one. So here I go with my Stream of Consciousness Saturday. It is Saturday, right? NOT!!!!


2 thoughts on “SoCS | Today is Saturday Right? NOT!!

  1. So sorry for your losses.
    And by the way, there’s no hard and fast rule about posting on Saturday – the only downfall to being late is that not as many of the other participants will notice that you’ve posted.
    Hope you have a much better week this week!

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