One Liner Wednesday | Humility is so important in RECOVERY!!

I am very proud to tell my story regarding the fact that I am a recovery alcoholic and cocaine addict. I am a toddler in my recovery with 1 year and six  weeks. That being said I have to always remember how important humility is in my recovery. I say that because I started a job this week that is nowhere near where I want to be nor is the pay anywhere near what my M.A. in Communication should be earning me. But here’s the funny thing about being in recovery, sometimes the ability be humble is the very thing that will take a person in recovery back to where they deserve to be. It may come quickly or it may come slowly, but as long as I stay in recovery it will arrive at some point. Until next time that’s What’s Rattling My Cage!

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday.


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