SoCS April 4, 2015 | How do you become Destressed

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s SoCS.

This week has been such a crazy week. I started a new job which because I take public transportation and am at the mercy of the bus schedules I am getting up at 3:45am for the next three weeks just to be a t work at 6am. Training going well there is a lot to learn and the job is all about customer service and ensuring that we are turning those customers that we talk to into PROMOTERS. Sometimes during the day I need to become destressed. Right now the way I am doing this is by getting to know the folks in my class and becoming friends, yes I do have a click and they say that I am funny (you can read about my “I’m funny, funny how?” post from a previous One Liner Wednesday). Another way that I become destressed at work is to just think about where I am now compared to two years ago and it makes me smile.

When I am not at work and I feel the need to become distressed, I play with my nine dogs – Stitchy, Buddy, Tippy, Missy, Chrissy, Fluffy, Little Bitty, Minnie (Doodle) and Zailey. I love to cook and from what I hear from others, especially my partner and his momma, I am pretty good at it. Cooking definitely helps me to become destressed.

Now that I am beginning to really want to blog more, I am finding that writing is becoming a great way for me to become destressed! Until next time that’s “What’s Rattling My Cage.”


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