SoCS : Where will my Journey in life take me to now?

So I thought about the prompt for LindaGHill’s SoCS  -jour- and was like, what am I going to write about. The more I have thought about it today I continued to think about my past life JOURNEY and truly hated some of the roads I had gone down.

As you can see if you have read my posts lately I like to write about my journey through alcoholism/addiction and now my FANTABULOUS journey in RECOVERY. The great thing about a journey in recovery, if you are truly in recovery is that you HAVE to work at it. This journey is not just handed to you, it certainly was not for me. I had to finally get TIRED of BEING SICK AND TIRED of BEING SICK and TIRED!! As for the question above “Where will my journey in life take me now?” I no longer worry about the future, when I say this I mean that in my journey of recovery all I can worry about is ONE 24 HOUR PERIOD AT A TIME!!

This will one of my shortest posts because I have a simple message for anyone that wants to begin their JOURNEY in RECOVERY from alcoholism/addictions. Make the decision, find you a very good home group, surround yourself with positive minded individuals that will support your recovery, supplement your face to face meetings with some online video meetings – there are many sites but I am very partial to In The Rooms. This website has video meetings for just about any type of addiction that you are on your journey of recovery from, stay in some type of literature that helps you to understand your disease, and find you a HIGHER POWER – regardless of what you call it – I just happen to call mine God!!

If you are not in recovery from alcoholism/addictions, whatever JOURNEY you are on I wish you ABSOLUTE SUCCESS and would love to hear from you about the journey you are on!! Until next time, that’s “What’s Rattling My Cage!” 

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