“K” is for KINFOLK

This post is part of the Blogging From A to Z Challenge for April 2015!

Kinfolk who do you consider to be your kinfolk? Is it your actual family? Is it your immediate coworkers in your specific office? Is it colleagues who you studied with and continue to grow with in this crazy journey we call life? Is it your friends? Is it members of any type of support group?

When I was actively drinking and using my kinfolk was whoever I drank with. My kinfolk has always been my immediate family. I have always consider former classmates as my kinfolk because we became so close. My kinfolk for six years were all of my colleagues in the University Career Center at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Of course my immediate kinfolk on my mind right now is my partner of over 14 years and his family. We had to take my mother-in-law to the hospital around 1am on Sunday night. She is 80 years old and it has been determined that she has two leaky valves, and two arteries that are 55% clogged. Both are manageable with medications and regular follow-ups. Seeing her this way scared the crap out of me because it reminded how we never know what life has in store for us!

This wonderful woman has always been full of life, vigor and when my father-in-law passed away almost nine years ago – mom just kept going and has lived her life the way she wanted to. I worry about her now because she is going to be restricted from a lot of her activities for a few months, how is that going to affect her. I also know that my partner who is the oldest of 8 children and has worked at his job for 40 years is now having to rethink some of his future plans regarding retirement. All but one of he children live in San Antonio and none of them but m better half really lift a finger to do anything to assist her, and this drives me CRAZY.

Those who read this please say some prayers for Mrs. Herrera in San Antonio, they will be greatly appreciated.

Until next time, “That’s What’s Rattling My Cage!”



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