“Z” is for Zest and Zone as in “I have the Zest to stay in the Zone!!”

Well folks this is the last post for the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 Challenge! And while some of my posts may have been late due to personal issues going on I COMPLETED the CHALLENGE!!!

So what has this challenge done for me? This challenge has given me the ZEST to stay in the WRITING ZONE! But it also has given me the ZEST to STAY in the ZONE to tell my story whether it be in a long post or a very short post. I can continue to have the ZEST to stay in the ZONE to continue to EDUCATE others about THRIVING not SURVIVING with HIV/AIDS and being in RECOVERY from ALCOHOLISM and ADDICTION to COCAINE!!

Does this mean that every post will be about recovery or living with HIV/AIDS/being clinically diagnosed as bipolar/depression? NO!! What it does mean is that I will continue to post about these things and now I will start posting about those things that seem to be RATTLING MY CAGE during this long election cycle coming up. The ignorance of others and what comes out of their mouths, just to name a couple of topics!

So until next time, that’s “What’s Rattling My Cage!!”



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