Late One-Liner Wednesday | “The Promises do Come True!!!”

“The Promises do Come True”

So Wednesday morning began with a flood of emotion!! I returned to the place I love, The University of Texas at San Antonio. I am not perfect and will always be a work in progress and I have truly been blessed with a great opportunity. This is the job that I loved that I gave up because alcohol and cocaine were way too important than a job I had held for over 6 years! Friends and family said, “the University will never hire you back!” I refused to give up and after 46 positions applied for and 9 of those interviewed for since August 30 2013, I have been blessed!!!! I am so PROUD and ECSTATIC along with an overflow of emotions!!! 

I did this by taking everyday “ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!!” and by working my program and remaining clean and sober!! GOD IS GREAT AND I AM BLESSED!! It bears repeating “The Promises do Come True!!”

This is a late post and part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday and sorry it is more than one line!!!!


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