My HOMECOMING continues!

So, I have not written a new post in three weeks. I have missed writing but I have had an excellent reason for being MIA. In previous posts I have written about my journey to return to the place where I truly believed I belonged, The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). I have written often that the reason I left the University in August of 2013 was because of my descent into the bottoms of HELL due to my alcoholism and my addiction to cocaine. Many friends and family members felt that I should give up my quest to return.

In a previous post on June 17th titled “Persistence Pays Off!” I was so pleased to announce that after applying for 46 job postings and 9 interviews I was going back to my beloved UTSA with the Office of P-20 Initiatives. It was great also when I posted it to my Facebook page and watching all the comments (42) and (136) likes of the announcement. The funny thing is, over 50% of my friends on Facebook are former colleagues or students from UTSA!

I started back on July 1st and I have at both the Main Campus and our DT Campus which is where I am housed. I have run into so many people that I had previously built relationships with and the HOMECOMING has just been phenomenal!! I can not even express the joy that feel in knowing that the promises do come true if you work for them and persistence really does pay off!!!

Until next time, that’s “What’s Rattling My Cage!”


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