Slightly late SoCS

We’d have never known that in the space of 4 weeks we would lose (3) of our PRECIOUS and LOVED four legged babies. But that is exactly what happened between January 5th and February 6th. Below is my post from Saturday February 6th:


Unfortunately as a responsible and loving pet parent with multiple pet children you have to often make some difficult decisions. As everyone knows we have had some aggression issues within our pack causing us to lose our Tippy and our Buddy in less than three weeks. The aggression has continued in the last two weeks with our Fluffy, who was born in my bed in September 2012, the handsome boy in these pictures, being the aggressor and it only happens when we are not home. Because of this Cruz and I weighed all of our options, knowing that if we surrendered Fluffy and was honest about his aggressiveness they would not place him in a new home. Yesterday because of another incident we made the heartbreaking decision to take him to Dr. Homer and send him to chase the squirrels in the sky. This was even tougher because he was our grand-baby by Missy the little black dog in the picture and either Buddy or Stitch. This morning we took him and I held him and balled like a baby as it happened and after. I am ready for this madness to be over.

We wish we could’ve!!!!!!!!!!



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