Gregory Frieden

I am a very proud gay man that has been living with HIV/AIDS for over 18 years. During this time my life has changed in so many ways some for the worst but mostly for the better.

During those 18 years I managed to get both my Bachelor of Arts in Communication with concentrations in Public Relations and Technical Communication and my Master of Arts in Communication from The University of Texas at San Antonio. I also gained and have kept a loving partner for over 14  years and we now live with our nine dogs in the order they arrived at our home – Stitchy, Buddy, Tippy Missy, Crissy, Fluffy, Little Bitty, Minnie, and Zailey!

I am so blessed with a most loving family to include my two sisters and their husbands; my three nieces and their respective husbands or boyfriends, and three of the most adorable great nieces that a great-uncle could ever have. I am very excited that we will be welcoming a fourth great-niece in early April.

My interests include cooking, reading, playing with my dogs, and of course making sure that I am as healthy as possible after many years of being an alcoholic and addict. Yes, I am very open and honest about myself and you never know what you will read on “What’s Rattling My Cage”!!!!


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