ice cream

During this Lenten season I am finding it hard to quell the urge for ice cream which is a daily ritual!!!

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Slightly late SoCS

We’d have never known that in the space of 4 weeks we would lose (3) of our PRECIOUS and LOVED four legged babies. But that is exactly what happened between January 5th and February 6th. Below is my post from Saturday February 6th:


Unfortunately as a responsible and loving pet parent with multiple pet children you have to often make some difficult decisions. As everyone knows we have had some aggression issues within our pack causing us to lose our Tippy and our Buddy in less than three weeks. The aggression has continued in the last two weeks with our Fluffy, who was born in my bed in September 2012, the handsome boy in these pictures, being the aggressor and it only happens when we are not home. Because of this Cruz and I weighed all of our options, knowing that if we surrendered Fluffy and was honest about his aggressiveness they would not place him in a new home. Yesterday because of another incident we made the heartbreaking decision to take him to Dr. Homer and send him to chase the squirrels in the sky. This was even tougher because he was our grand-baby by Missy the little black dog in the picture and either Buddy or Stitch. This morning we took him and I held him and balled like a baby as it happened and after. I am ready for this madness to be over.

We wish we could’ve!!!!!!!!!!


One Liner Wednesday |So it happens again!



So it happens again, last Wednesday we lost the gorgeous boy in the picture above.

Buddy joined our family just about 10 years ago. When he showed up he was a filthy disgusting animal. I took him in and bathed him, at which point I determined he had been dumped. He was way to healthy and muscular to be a stray. I told Cruz we would put up pictures to find his owners and I said “DO NOT NAME HIM, we are not keeping him!” a few days later he calls me at work to tell me the baby has a name. His name is Buddy because he is Stitchy’s buddy! We provided Buddy with a very spoiled and loving home and he will be missed more than we can imagine. Stitchy laid with Buddy through the night last night while he was in so much pain. When Buddy had passed, Stitchy sniffed him and laid back down with him for a few minutes.

We love all of our babies – if you are a multiple dog owner like we are please do not take for granted or advantage of what you believe to be perfect harmony among the pack. Unfortunately both Tippy two weeks ago and Buddy were victims of pack mentality attacks and Cruz and I are truly more heartbroken that anyone can imagine!!!!!

Tuesday Use it in a Sentence & #JuJoJan|Late & Climate

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It amazes to see how many people are still so late to the table regarding the importance of climate change!!!!!

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Slightly late #SoCS & #JusJoJan |What?

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What was it about alcohol and cocaine that drew me to it? Almost two years into RECOVERY from alcoholism and cocaine addiction, I often ask myself this question.

Now I know part of it was my suffering from being bipolar and constantly fighting depression not necessarily associated with my being bipolar. I also know now that even though I put up an awesome front regarding  my own self esteem – I truly had none.

But today after all of the soul searching, all the crying, all the prayers, and all the love and support of my awesome family and friends – SPECIFICALLY my husband of almost 15 years Cruzer – THE PROMISES CONTINUE TO COME TRUE FOR ME!!!!

So happy to be SOBER and CLEAN just for this ONE 24 HOUR PERIOD!!!