One Liner Wednesday|It’s his job dammit, and yours to confirm!!!

So you get a two-fer!!

To the most RIDICULOUS REPUBLICANS in the Senate and Congress:

Regarding President Barrack Obama’s nomination of the next Supreme Court Justice due to the death of Antonin Scalia – “It’s his job dammit and it is yours to hold hearings and either confirm or vote the nominee down!!! READ THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, I am quite sure that this is in there!!! 


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One Liner Wednesday |What Faith Dost You Profess?

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I am quite sure the Native Americans did not ask, “What faith dost you profess, Christian, Muslim, Jewish?” when our ancestors came and took the land!!! Just saying!!


One Liner Wednesday | Patty is His Name Oh!!!!!

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Patty is His Name Oh!!!!


So we decided to keep him. His name is Patty for Patrick or Patricio the male version of Patricia. This name is in honor of my mother Patricia Ann Winningham-Frieden who’s birthday is October 6th which is the day that Patty showed up. I truly believe my mommy sent us Patty because she knew we would love him forever!!!!