Why has it taken so long?

Tonight is the first time that I have logged into my blog since June 2016 and my last post was “Make the hurt stop, please!” after Cruz and I had endured five months of heartache and had lost 5 of our ten four legged babies Tippy, Buddy, Fluffy, Minnie “Doodle”, and Patty. 2016 ended with one more loss, our oldest Stitchy who Cruz had to send over the Rainbow Bridge on December 27th while I was still out of town visiting my family in Houston. He was 11 years 4 months and 10 days old. Even though I was out of town, I talked to him while it was happening.


Since June, I have had so many things that I wanted to write about, specifically politics – but my heart just was not in it. I am hoping that this first blog of the new year will get me moving because – YES – I do have a lot to say!

As we move forward and I begin to post more, I am sure that I will make some folks happy and I will probably anger some folks. That is the nature of the beast!

One other thing that happened since my last post is that I turned 50 on September 14th and have been dealing with a major breakdown and a deep depression. I ended 2 1/2 years of sobriety from alcohol addiction and cocaine addiction and I trying to find my way back – because unfortunately I made poor decisions and and took actions uncharacteristic of me that caused me to resign my position with the University of Texas at San Antonio on February 16th of this year which I had fought so hard to get back after my addictions caused me to leave in August 2013. I have a very close friend of 18 years that made this statement, “Greg, you worked so hard to get back into UTSA to prove everybody wrong, because everyone said that you would never get back. Was you proved them wrong and got back into the university – you busted your ass for a year or so and then sat your desk, knowing there nowhere for you to move in that department, and said NOW WHAT!!!”

So tonight as I close this blog, I ask NOW WHAT?

That’s “What’s Rattling my cage!”


Just Jot It January 15th – Leadership

This post is part of #JusJoJan


When I saw this prompt yesterday, I was all excited to talk about me and my leadership skills. I changed my mind since then.

I just want to say that I am BLESSED to work in The Office of P-20 Initiatives at The University of Texas at San Antonio and for LEADERSHIP that recognizes their team member’s talents both raw and those honed. 

These leaders allow their staff to have their autonomy to do what is expected and if they achieve more than expected, then all the more better.

I am one of those individuals that works well with others, however my leadership also knows that I do extremely on my own! On December 31 it was official that my 6 month probationary period is complete.

So I thank my LEADERSHIP for recognizing that I was ready and deserved to return back to my BELOVED University of Texas at San Antonio after 22 months of being away due to my very publicized (by me of course, as I am an open book) fall from grace due to alcoholism, cocaine addiction, being bipolar and extreme depression of a different sort!!!!

Late One-Liner Wednesday | “The Promises do Come True!!!”

“The Promises do Come True”

So Wednesday morning began with a flood of emotion!! I returned to the place I love, The University of Texas at San Antonio. I am not perfect and will always be a work in progress and I have truly been blessed with a great opportunity. This is the job that I loved that I gave up because alcohol and cocaine were way too important than a job I had held for over 6 years! Friends and family said, “the University will never hire you back!” I refused to give up and after 46 positions applied for and 9 of those interviewed for since August 30 2013, I have been blessed!!!! I am so PROUD and ECSTATIC along with an overflow of emotions!!! 

I did this by taking everyday “ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!!” and by working my program and remaining clean and sober!! GOD IS GREAT AND I AM BLESSED!! It bears repeating “The Promises do Come True!!”

This is a late post and part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday and sorry it is more than one line!!!!

One-Liner Wednesday | “Waiting is the Hardest Part!!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday!

Waiting is the hardest part!! So last Wednesday 6/3/15 I interviewed for a position at my beloved University of Texas at San Antonio with an individual, who has been on two other selection committees that I interviewed with in the last few months, and her two other committee members. She is very aware of all my baggage. On Friday 6/5 I met with her boss an Assistant Vice President. Both the interview and the meeting went extremely well. As with all interview processes it takes time and with the University it can take up to two to three weeks before you hear back. I feel very good about this particular possible opportunity to return back to a place that I love with all my heart. It bears repeating – WAITING IS THE HARDEST PART!!!!!!!

Until next time, that’s “What’s Rattling My Cage!!”

A Very Late One-Liner Wednesday| “Often you have to HUMBLE yourself!!!”

This post is late and is part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday!

“Often you have to HUMBLE yourself!!!”

On Wednesday I sat in an interview for an Administrative Associate II position with a department at my BELOVED University of Texas at San Antonio where I left in August 2013 due to my alcoholism and addiction to cocaine being more important than staying at a place that I loved and had been at for over six years.

The panelist asked this question, “After having risen from a student worker to an Administrative Associate II and then to Administrative Service Officer I, if you are hired for this Administrative Associate II position will this affect your ability to do the job? Or will you struggle because you will always feel like you should be in a higher position?”

I simply stated that in recovery often  you have to HUMBLE yourself and greater things will happen!!! THAT IS LIFE IN RECOVERY!!!!!!

Until next time, that’s “What’s Rattling My Cage!!”